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8 Key Questions to Ask Before Investing in a Taxi Dispatch System

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8 Ways to Survive and Thrive in the Uber Era

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VAT Facts That Even Your Accountant May Not Know

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UK Support

24/7 UK Support – 365 Days a Year

Because your business is a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year operation, our UK based support is too.

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How to Recruit and Retain More Drivers...

Our FREE Guide, “How to Recruit and Retain More Drivers – The Top 10 Things You Need to Know” will give you all the answers you need to getting the drivers your business deserves.

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Hear how iCabbi is transforming clients’ businesses.

Switching to iCabbi has enabled our clients to grow, to cut costs, to increase profits and secure the future of their business.

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Discover iCabbi

iCabbi provides taxi firms with the tools needed to cut costs, automate a high percentage of bookings and compete with peer-to-peer apps like Uber.

Discover iCabbi

The iCabbi Dispatch System

The iCabbi system is probably the most advanced cloud-based taxi dispatch system in the world.

Our feature rich, automated dispatch system will match the offerings of any of the market leading solutions.

As a new player entering the market, iCabbi have embraced the opportunity to objectively identify the common pains facing taxi companies with their existing providers and have focused on these areas to develop one of the most innovative and exciting products to enter the industry in a long time.

The taxi industry is in a global state of transition and at iCabbi, we firmly believe the solution you choose for your business now has never been so important.

Hardware based products are solutions of the past, with mobile and cloud technologies undoubtedly being the future. Competitors sell static products that start becoming obsolete from the moment they go live, the iCabbi system evolves.

We are uniquely positioned to offer a solution that will future proof your business.

Freedom To Grow

Most of our customer base have experienced significant growth within months of going live on iCabbi. A more efficient system gives you more time back and saves you money, but don’t just take our word for it!

Hear How iCabbi is Transforming Clients’ Businesses

“iCabbi has a lot of great features, especially the DiSC telephone system, the app and the web booking system. One very big plus point is having an app for customers, as well as the web booker. It is pushing up bookings because younger customers want the app and we can now tell them that we have an app. After just 8 months with iCabbi our app bookings are growing all the time.

Like all taxi businesses, we had many options when it came to what system to choose – but the first plus point for us was the people, the customer service. We met the people, we saw how they worked. Whenever you ring them their support is very, very good.”

Vic Kumar, Aircall Minicabs, UK

Request a free demonstration now to discover why iCabbi is the go-to choice for taxi businesses across the UK.

For more information call 01623 44 22 11 or email enquiries@iCabbiUK.co.uk.