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What is a Cloud Based Dispatch System?

‘Cloud computing’ is a term that is used a lot these days. The term ‘cloud-based dispatch system’ is used specifically when it comes to taxi dispatch and automation systems. But what does it actually mean? And what... Read more

There’s Much More to a Great Dispatch System than Improved Efficiency…

Whenever we’re talking to a business owner about our dispatch system, we always ask a key question: Why are you looking for a new system? Whilst the specific answer we get definitely varies from business to business,... Read more

What is Dispatch System Automation and Why Do We Need It?

Automation is talked about a lot these days. From industrial processes, to food production and service, to cars and logistics. It’s everywhere. That’s true about taxi dispatch systems too. Nearly all the top systems, like iCabbi, include... Read more

“My Customers Don’t Like Apps…”

But that shouldn’t stop you from offering a great app. Because whatever you may personally think, and whatever you may hear – the truth is that some customers will love using an app and some won’t. Not... Read more

Regular Dispatch System Updates are Important, But Sometimes They Come With a Nasty Surprise…

Regular updates are essential to ensure that your dispatch system stays current and includes all the latest benefits that technology offers. And that’s one of the big benefits of a modern app-based dispatch system because the developers... Read more

10 Great Reasons to Choose iCabbi

When it comes to taxi dispatch systems, we know you have choices. But we also believe iCabbi is (probably) the best system for your business. Here’s why… iCabbi Makes Your Taxi Business Easy to Run, Easy to... Read more

Discover How to Make MUCH More Money with iCabbi…

Running a taxi business is not easy or straightforward. Despite the tough times, you’ve worked hard to build your business into what it is today. And you can be rightly proud for what you’ve achieved. But, whilst... Read more

7 Cloud-Based Dispatch System Myths

1. My Customers Don’t Like Apps The truth is – some will and some won’t. Many of your younger customers will love the Uber-like experience that an app like iCabbi can offer. In fact, if you don’t... Read more

What Exactly is Automation – Creating Your Ideal Taxi Business

Automation is a word on everyone’s lips these days. But for a taxi business like yours, what exactly does taxi dispatch automation mean? What impact will it have on your business and why do you need to... Read more

Why Choosing the Wrong Customer App Could Cripple Your Business

In previous articles we’ve looked at how the phenomenal rise in the use of ‘smart phones’ is changing the way taxi firms interact with their customers. A great customer app can literally revolutionise your business (and we’ll... Read more