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There’s Much More to a Great Dispatch System than Improved Efficiency…

Whenever we’re talking to a business owner about our dispatch system, we always ask a key question: Why are you looking for a new system? Whilst the specific answer we get definitely varies from business to business,... Read more

What is Dispatch System Automation and Why Do We Need It?

Automation is talked about a lot these days. From industrial processes, to food production and service, to cars and logistics. It’s everywhere. That’s true about taxi dispatch systems too. Nearly all the top systems, like iCabbi, include... Read more

10 Great Reasons to Choose iCabbi

When it comes to taxi dispatch systems, we know you have choices. But we also believe iCabbi is (probably) the best system for your business. Here’s why… iCabbi Makes Your Taxi Business Easy to Run, Easy to... Read more

Great Ways to Keep Your Drivers Happy and Lock Them In…

Let’s get one thing clear up front, keeping your drivers happy doesn’t mean capitulating to their every wish and whim. After all, you need to keep drivers – but it’s equally important not to let them ‘take... Read more

Surge Pricing – is it for you?

How to make more money for your drivers, keep your drivers loyal and OFF Uber with Dynamic Pricing. Better known in the taxi industry as surge pricing or price surcharging, dynamic pricing is prevalent in every part... Read more

What Exactly is Automation – Creating Your Ideal Taxi Business

Automation is a word on everyone’s lips these days. But for a taxi business like yours, what exactly does taxi dispatch automation mean? What impact will it have on your business and why do you need to... Read more

7 Proven Ways to Recruit More Drivers

Let’s face it … without drivers you don’t have a taxi business. And more importantly, without good drivers, you don’t have a business that can compete in today’s world … where new firms spring up every day,... Read more

How to Keep Your Drivers Off Uber…

As we discussed recently in How to Beat Uber – Uber is a serious threat with its fast, flexible service and its crazy deals to tempt new customers. But it’s not just your customers that Uber is... Read more