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Cloud Resilience & Security

iCabbi is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, the world’s leading provider of cloud services. Our main application servers are located in multiple data centres for high resilience and uptime reliability.

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iCabbi is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform

  • World leading reliability and protection for reassurance
  • Accessibility anywhere, anytime
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Security in the Cloud

Concerns that cloud-based services lack in security are typically the result of not enough information about how cloud providers secure their infrastructures.

The iCabbi system is built on Amazon’s AWS, the world’s leading provider of cloud services. Our main application servers are currently located in multiple data centres which have extensive setback and military grade perimeter control berms as well as other natural boundary protection. Our web servers sit behind a primary firewall managed by Amazon which receives security patches and upgrades as they are released.

Direct access to our application servers is prohibited, traffic is instead routed through a load balancer (front end web server) managed by Amazon with 128bit SSL for authentication/logins (as used by financial institutions etc).We have a second firewall (IPTables) which sits on each application server and allows us to grant access based on a whitelist of client IP addresses (Office Locations) which offers maximum security for our clients, and also allows us to combat DDoS attacks effectively.

Military Grade Security by Amazon’s AWS

Our database sits behind an additional firewall which is also managed by Amazon. This firewall is setup to allow connections from our application servers only. Developer access to resources is managed by Amazon Access Control (Security Groups and IAM based roles).

The fact of the matter is that AWS makes sizeable investments into maintaining commercial/military grade security, and can demonstrate they are ISO-27001 certified.

Experts agree that a business stands greater risk of a security breach from within its four walls, than someone hacking a professionally maintained cloud-based infrastructure. Contrary to the concern, by migrating to the cloud for services, businesses will benefit from a more secure infrastructure.

Reduced Setup and Ongoing Costs

Cloud computing can offer significant cost benefits when you consider the total cost of ownership (TCO) associated with managing the comparable on-premises alternative. This includes buying hardware, licensing software, paying consultants for installing and customising systems, managing system upgrades, support and maintenance, facility expenses, and employees.


The ability to expand or contract as your needs increase or decrease, is another key benefit of cloud computing. In addition to paying for what you need when you need it, adjustments such as expanding server capacity can be completed in minutes compared to several days of on-premises labour.

Reliability and Recovery

With cloud-based solutions, you get the added benefit of an infrastructure that can be easily and cost effectively configured for automatic fail over and geographic redundancy. Amazon Web Services are in the business of granting its customers access to systems that must be available when needed. Cloud solutions are “always on” and extremely reliable.

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