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Card payments for Taxis

More and more people every year are moving towards a cashless society, utilising contactless technology via their card or mobile device to make payments. The majority of customers booking Taxis expect to be able to make contactless payments. Don’t miss out on potential customers, request your FREE card reader today.

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Don’t miss out on potential customers

Customers clearly want (and rightly expect) to be able to pay by card in the modern world. In 2020 over half of all transactions were made by credit or debit card* and this has continued to grow in 2021 and 2022. Cash is declining in the region of 15% per annum, Britain is rapidly becoming a cashless and contactless society.

Card payment benefits:

  • Avoid carrying cash and thus, being targeted by criminals
  • Take payments faster, no wasting time counting change
  • Avoid scammers! Reduce the risk of you receiving counterfeit money
  • People with no cash can still pay for a taxi
  • Don't miss out on potential fares because you cannot accept card payments
  • Since the pandemic, people are more careful of hygiene – cash is not hygienic

The card payment terminal is contactless and works with mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay plus does Chip & PIN. It works seamlessly with iCabbi – the price is automatically passed from the Driver App to the terminal and payment information is passed back to iCabbi and is stored in the booking and card payment reports. Payment to drivers can be made in as little as 24 hours or go towards their driver rent (all fully configurable).

For taxi firms looking to keep up with ride-hailing giants like Uber, staying relevant to the ever-changing demands of customers, having card payment facilities in place is a must!

Plus you can get your card payment device for FREE!**

For more information call 01623 44 22 11 or email enquiries@iCabbiUK.co.uk.

*Source for data: https://www.ukfinance.org.uk/sites/default/files/uploads/SUMMARY-UK-Payment-Markets-2021-FINAL.pdf

**Free of charge pin pads are based on a minimum transaction amount of £10,000 (ex VAT) during the calendar month, if the amount is not achieved a charge of (TBC) £1.20 (+ VAT) will be charged.